About Evolve EA

"If you help sell your house, it's only fair that you pay less"


We are continuously looking for ways to improve the selling and letting process, reduce costs for all, make the process more integrated into our daily lives and more real-time. The evolve platform is a UK first, the first estate agents to give you control of your sale by using your time and preference to reduce the costs. It is not an internet agent, it is not a “hybrid” (which is really an internet agent in disguise), it is not a traditional estate agency with participative technology to enable internet level fees.

From years of experience we know that you may actually conduct viewings yourself yet still have to pay the full amount. You may get frustrated because your have just done the gardening, the sun is out and you think that now is a good time to take some new photos! (Where is your agent when you need them!) Well now you can have the flexibility to do just that, but also get a fee reduction for your efforts!


We have worked in the property sector for the last 20 years and own, what is now called a "traditional estate agency". Over the years we have developed many systems ourselves (in house) that we still use today that when they were first implemented were a completely new concept, and in some cases still are. We have a unique combination of “estate agents that can write software!” so are able to bring to life any visions of improving the process.


On the face of it evolve may just look like any old website, but in reality it is a complex series of server side software objects modelled around our working knowledge of the estate agency business. It mirrors our procedures and combines ease of use with regulatory requirements.

The evolve platform is under continuous development, so you will see more features added in the near future.

Regulation & Company

Evolve is a trading brand of Bournes Estate Agents Ltd, UK company registration number 6001715. Registered with The Property Ombudsman under number D02864 as Bournes Estate Agents, Bournes Town & Country.

Traditional estate agents with a real high street office, real people and internet fees.